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Kids Activity Sheets and Coloring Pages Promote Good Dental Hygiene for Better Oral Health!


Tooth decay is the #1 chronic disease in children that results in over 51,000,000 school hours lost each year… and it’s preventable! Good dental hygiene is one of the key factors in preventing tooth decay. Help teach your children to care for their teeth with our free kids activity sheets and coloring pages:

  • Shows & explains how to correctly brush and floss teeth
  • Includes a calendar for kids to track brushing & flossing to make it a habit
  • Fun coloring pages that also remind kids to brush for two minutes & floss twice a day

Color Twoothy T™ & The Twooth® Fairy, Ready-Set-Brush!™ Calendar, and How to Brush & Floss are available in both English and Spanish. You may print as many as you like and we encourage your family and friends to do likewise.

Teachers and Dentists: these kids dental activity sheets make great handouts for National Children’s Dental Health and are handy in dental offices to educate and entertain young patients.

Oral health affects overall health. Establish healthy habits early for healthy bodies and healthy smiles!

Kids Activity Sheets and Coloring Pages


Kids Activity Sheets and Coloring Pages


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