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“For healthy teeth children should spend 2 MINUTES brushing their teeth TWICE A DAY”

That’s what the dentist said to me after a routine appointment for the kids back in 1998. Between all of my daily duties as a mom – running errands, cleaning up messes, making sure the homework is done – how was I going to manage to get the kids to brush their teeth for 2 whole minutes – not once, but TWICE a day – rather than their normal 10 seconds?!?

“Get some sort of timer,” the dentist said.

I huffed and puffed my way out of the office and loaded the kids in the car. But then… something started to tick….

Hi, I’m Antoinette Janina de Janasz. I’m a mom, just like you, that struggled to get my kids to brush their teeth. I imagine if you’re reading this page, you’re probably struggling with the same thing.

For Healthy Teeth Kis Should Brush for Two MinutesMaybe you’ve tried fancy toothbrushes that whistle or spin or light up. These work for a bit, but then, like any shiny new toy, your kids get bored…and it’s goodbye brushing.

Maybe you’ve tried games, like who can reach the bathroom and start brushing their teeth first. But like any game or competition, the kids are ready to move onto a new sport, a new uniform, a new season.

Maybe you’ve tried fear – like warning your kids about the horrors of cavities or even showing them books or videos of the scary cavity monster. Before you know it, they are giggling at said ‘monster,’ and purposely not brushing just so the cavity monster will show up and play.

I’ve tried all of these methods too. And… you guessed it… they didn’t work for me either. But, if I didn’t figure something out soon, the Tooth Fairy would go bankrupt.

So, how did I finally get true tooth brushing compliance for healthy teeth from my little ones?

My tiny ticking idea that sparked from that dentist visit exploded into something magical.

And that’s how I conceived of Twooth® Timer.For Healthy Teeth Kis Should Brush for Two Minutes

You’re probably wondering – what the heck is Twooth® Timer? And why is it any different than the other lame methods on the market?

The Twooth® Timer is a tooth-shaped brushing timer that gets kids completely excited to brush their teeth. Your kids simply turn the timer clockwise, start brushing, and then stop when the bell rings after two minutes. Mom after mom comes to me to share how their kids are so excited to use the timer that they literally freaked out with giddiness (in a good way, of course). Even more moms come to me to share stories about how their son or daughter, who gave them a really, really hard time about brushing, now does it happily. No more battles to brush.

Now, if you’re questioning where the name “twooth” came from – my mom came up with ‘twooth’ for ‘two minutes’ and ‘tooth.’ Aren’t moms brilliant?

I also offer other exciting products to promote good dental health such as the Ready, Set, Brush™ Booklet, Twoothy T™  and Twooth® Fairy Temporary Tattoos, Twooth® Pocket Pal, and our Twooth® Time Brushin’, Flossin’ Fun Kit. All are approved by dentists, loved by moms, and winners of a slew of awards such as the Parents’ Choice Approved Award, three Dr. Toy Best Vacation Children’s Products Awards, the PTPA Media Seal of Approval, and more.

Healthy teeth

All proof that with a good solution you can stop the daily grumbles and groans from your kids about brushing their teeth.

And, if that wasn’t enough to tickle your gums, here are some fun facts about me for you to enjoy!

  • The Twooth Timer Company headquarters are in Dallas, TX. MostFor Healthy Teeth Kis Should Brush for Two Minutes people think Dallas is rather a desert but it’s actually pretty green and we do, on occasion, get some gorgeous fall color.
  • I have recently learned how to knit so my grandmother can stop rolling over in her grave. But I actually enjoy it and find it relaxing. I’m also an avid reader and love trashy romance novels, especially vampire ones! I’ve been told that I’m very child-like. I guess it’s that child-like optimism that keeps me going as an entrepreneur.

For Healthy Teeth Kids Should Brush for Two Minutes

  •  My cat’s name is “Dogbait” (no, really) and she loves soap and spaghetti sauce.


Health teeth

  • In addition to a weird cat I have a dog, Rorschach. I tried to be original with Rorschach’s name and the best I could come up with was the inventor of the inkblot test. Though most people think his name is ‘Horshack’ after “Welcome Back Kotter”. He’ll answer to either.
  • My kids are Durand (son) and Taylor (daughter). Durand is now working at the new Amazon warehouse in Coppell. Taylor is in Los Angeles working in graphic design and always on the lookout for new projects – hint, hint! I’m happy to say, they all brush their teeth regularly and for two minutes.

Brush on!

For Healthy Teeth Kis Should Brush for Two Minutes

For Healthy Teeth Kis Should Brush for Two Minutes


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